For the vibrant agricultural culture and innovation in various parts of the mainland, Qiu Yi suggested that firstly, an influential public brand should be created, for example, "Lishui Mountain Farming" has already had very successful experience. However, under public brands, many corporate brands need to be cultivated so as to build a foundation so as to exert the "mother and child brand" effect.tetherball replacement,  The parking problem in Huitian area has also attracted much attention. According to Gu Xiaoyu, the stop management center of the Urban Management Committee of Changping District, according to the preliminary parking survey conducted in the past, the problem of parking management vacancies in Huitian area has been common in the past, which led to non-stop and random parking. On-street parking spaces have been occupied for a long time by some vehicles, and even "zombies" have appeared, which has caused great inconvenience to temporary parking for citizens. At the same time, parking spaces in many communities and underground garages have been idle for a long time, resulting in a waste of resources.

tetherball replacement