He will split half of the demolition moneyvirtual currency aml,  Regret is futile. On the morning of November 21 , Lishui Intermediate People's Court sentenced Zhuge Huiyan to 9 years in prison for bribery and fined RMB 500,000 . Zhuge Huiyan recovered the stolen money and stolen property according to law and turned it over to the state treasury. After investigation, Zhuge Huiyan seriously violated the party's political discipline, organizational discipline, integrity discipline, and life discipline. From 2003 to 2018 , she took advantage of the post to facilitate the establishment of relevant units and individuals in enterprises, project approval, reduction and exemption of punishment, promotion of posts, Working for matters such as working arrangements, illegally receiving or soliciting other people's property, a total of 5.205 million yuan.