I remember the last time the old class held a class meeting. At that time, we had already finished the exam. Fortunately, everyone went smoothly and the old class smiled. That day, we sang together, laughed together, played together until dark, lit candles, and cherished memories of the past. Only the chubby had no impression of the situation at that time because-he was asleep.world digital currency,  Science, especially basic science, is generally difficult to be recognized by the general public. I'm often asked, "What's the use of your research?" Sometimes scientists and even leaders in other fields ask the same. I often answer "no use" very impolitely. Everyone will say "love science", but love "useless science" is not so easy. My neutrino and particle physics research is such a "useless study". But particle physics studies the most basic "elements" of the material world and explores the most basic laws of the material world. From the centuries of history of modern scientific development, the basic idea is to find the most basic "elements" and "laws" and develop at various levels such as molecules, atoms, nuclei, elementary particles. Curious about the world and exploring the laws of nature are the main driving forces of scientific development. In the process, we humans also harvest a lot.

  All these are the key to whether China's economy can make a qualitative leap. For this reason, hundreds of millions of people are waiting.world digital currency